What is Blue Light, Is there any Harms of Blue Light?

The public is searching for answers to the question: of how blue light is more and more each day. The blue light emitted by screens can cause a variety of negative psychological and physical impacts. It is vital to understand how to guard against the harmful effects caused by blue light. Blue light can harm your eyes, skin as well as DNA.

Computers, tablets, phones… These are the basic necessities that we live with are evolving technology is taking ever more time we spend. The impact that technology has on the bodies and our psychology is being studied increasing in frequency every day. Every new technology opens up new possibilities for our lives, however, it’s equally important to utilize technology so that you are protected from damage. One of the greatest threats we need to be aware of is Blue Light! What do you mean by Blue Light? Let’s discuss the dangers of blue light that engulf our eyes due to screens and reflect off our bodies.

What exactly is Blue Light?

The amount of people working using computers, phones, tablets, and computers is increasing each day. The amount of time they spend watching screens is also growing. This has a variety of negative impacts ranging from posture issues to problems with the body caused by insomnia, inactivity, and stress-related disorders. Of all of them, BLUE LIGHT is perhaps the last one to be considered and is the least significant, but it has been discovered by experts that the recent exposure to this light has been the perfect opportunity to be entangled in a maze of issues that need to be treated with more serious than we previously believed.

Additionally, we are also exposed to blue light not just from the screens of our phones as well as light bulbs, LEDs, Xenon lights, and energy-saving light bulbs. Therefore, the battle against blue light is becoming more difficult day by day. Experts say that blue light can be obtained by the Sun. There are different kinds of blue light with beneficial and harmful impacts, and obtaining the healthy blue light of the Sun is crucial for the health of our bodies, and also increases the level of focus. But the negative effects of blue light caused by of the development of artificial technology are beyond our grasp.

Two kinds of light can be produced by technological devices that emit light: violet and blue. The energy content that blue light emits is very high and the wavelength that appears on screens isn’t long, it could cause severe injury, particularly to those who are glued to a screen or phone.

The effects of Blue Light on Our Health and our Psychology

Long exposure to blue light leads to:
* Eye fatigue tear, pain Itching, turbidity Dryness, a disorder of accommodation
* Damage to the retina and cataract over a long time because of an accumulation of lipofuscin an old-age pigment that is found in the posterior portion of the eye. Macular (yellow spot) degeneration is caused by a damaged retina.
* Sleep disorders, insomnia, which triggers migraine
* Preventing the production of the hormone melatonin,
* Blue light On the other hand is causing glare to increase because of serious lighting pollution
* The incidence of myopia among children rises dramatically with the use of screens, (it has been found that it has been increasing from 30% to 50 percentage)
* Heart disease
* Bipolar disorders
* Cancer,
* Diabetic.

Tips to Stay clear of Blue Light:

Following the query of what exactly is Blue Light, the most important question to be clarified is how to protect yourself from it:

It is essential to limit the usage of electronic devices that emit blue light during the night, and especially to minimize the use of blue light by children. Look to products that have sensors or timing. Activate the night mode feature of your devices. Pay particular attention to using glasses that block blue light, those who wear prescription glasses. There is a possibility of putting a filter on your windows. reduce the time you stare at the screen in the evening and blue light can be decreased using filters downloaded from apps to your devices. Children should be kept from screens as far as possible, and taken outdoors whenever possible. ensure that your bedroom is dark, so your eyes are able to rest in the evening while you sleep. Every 20 minutes, you should take 20-second breaks and gaze at least 20 feet away. should be able to rest and ensure to gaze at as far as feasible when taking breaks. Choose yellow lamps over bulbs that are fluorescent (color 2800K). When selecting your lamp be sure to provide the maximum protection.

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