Tragedy In Oldenburg: 3 Dead In Nursing Home Fire | NationalTurk

Three people died in a fire in a retirement home in Wardenburg near Oldenburg.

They probably died from smoke gases, said a fire department spokesman on Sunday evening. Ten other seniors were seriously injured, the police said on Monday morning. The remaining residents were rescued from their rooms. 250 police and firefighters were on site.

“The civil courage of residents and neighbors was very great, they helped the nurses with the evacuation, that worked well,” said fire department spokesman Max Eilers. What exactly caused the fire is still unclear.

The fire was noticed because the fire alarms in the retirement and nursing home with 37 residents sounded the alarm and the fire brigade was alerted directly. Firefighters were able to quickly extinguish the fire. The injured were taken to nearby hospitals.

The remaining residents were first checked medically by the emergency services in a dining room in a neighboring building of the old people’s home. Other accommodation options were sought for them for the night. “The home was full,” said the spokesman.

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