10 Tips For Spotify On Android You Can Use it Daily

You can add your own music, change the quality of the music and save your data in Offline mode. Manage your notifications. Stream music. Understand the lyrics. Set a timer. Add a playlist to your homepage. Integrate Spotify with the GPS Car Display. Private session. Spotify as an alarm clock.

Spotify is the top streaming service due to its age, catalog and many features. The general public may not be aware of these features, so it’s important to do a little research.

Spotify is a leader in the audio streaming world. Spotify, a Swedish streaming service, has been able to dominate the audio streaming market for years against a more or less fierce rivalry led by Deezer or Apple Music.

Which music streaming service should you choose: Spotify, Deezer or Apple Music …:?

Due to Spotify’s popularity on smartphones, it is no surprise that its app is at the top of Google Play Store. Many users still ignore the useful features that are built into this application. Here are some features that you might have missed.

10 Tips For Spotify On Android

1) Your Own Music Can Be Added To Your Library

Spotify, like Apple Music and Google Play Music, offers a way to store its own audio files within its library. They cannot, however, be fully integrated, unlike its two competitors. The songs will be only available as part of a playlist created by the computer application.

Install the Spotify app on your computer, and then go to Parameters. You will need to select the option Show Local Files.

Create a playlist, then click on the tab Local Files to add your desired sounds.

Open the app on your phone after you’ve finished adding music. Make sure you are connected to the same WiFi network as your computer. Simply open the playlist to start the download.

This playlist will allow you to access all of the sounds you’ve added to your library. We regret that we can’t listen to them without downloading them, and only have access to them from the playlist.

2) Change Audio Quality

Spotify has several options when it comes to the quality of audio streams. The better the stream is, the more data will be consumed. This can be easily changed in the settings.

You can choose to let Spotify decide the quality of the stream (depending on the speed and type data access you have, such as WiFi or mobile data), or change it yourself by selecting:

Low: 24 kbit/s

Normal: 96 Kbit/s

Elevation: 16 kbit/s

High: 320 kbit/s

You can also change the sound quality by changing the Synchronization setting, which goes from Very Low to Normal.

3) Data Saving Mode Activated

Spotify has a data-saving mode that limits the quality of audio and disables certain graphics.

You can start by activating the Data Saver option in Preferences.

Canvas (videos that play in the background while certain songs are playing) is disabled and your audio quality automatically sets to Low. You can even go further and disconnect Spotify from all connections.

4) Offline Mode Activated

Imagine you’re in an area where the internet is slow. Spotify will take a while to load but since you’re still connected, it won’t automatically switch to offline mode. You’ll have to do it.

You can activate the Offline Mode by clicking on Preferences.

Only the music you’ve downloaded will be available. This mode can be used continuously on Spotify for up to 19 consecutive days.

5) Add Your Favorite Artist

We recommend you subscribe to Spotify if you are a fanatic. The artist will also appear in your library, and the algorithm of Spotify will recognize your love for this music to create your own personalized playlists.

Click Subscribe at the top-right corner of an artist’s page to add him to your favorites.

By setting up notifications, you will also be alerted to the release of a new song or album.

6) Manage Your Notifications

Spotify has a notification system that allows you to receive alerts on a variety of topics. You can receive notifications by email or push notification for everything from music recommendations, playlist updates and the release of new sounds by your favorite artist.

You can manage this in Preferences, under the Notifications category. You can deactivate or activate certain options in this menu.

All notifications are enabled, but they are not intrusive.

7) Audio To Another Medium

Spotify is compatible across a wide range of media, including smartphones, computers and tablets, as well as game consoles and smart TVs. You can easily start reading in one of these media from your smartphone.

Click on the Spotify Connect icon at the bottom left to choose the medium you want to play the audio.

You can control the playback from your smartphone even if the device is already playing. Pause, change titles, etc. From a distance!

8) Check Out The Credits For A Song

A song is more than just the artist. Many people are involved in the creation of these sounds. You can pay them homage by viewing the credits of a song on Spotify.

Open the song’s menu by holding the three dots or clicking the icon to the left of the title. Scroll down until you reach Show credits.

If you still want to learn more, you can try to find out the hidden meanings of the lyrics or the context in which they were written. Genius’ integration into Spotify is a great idea.

9) Genius Helps You Understand The Lyrics Of Songs

Genius is very popular among music fans, and especially rap lovers. You can use it to find out the meaning behind certain song lyrics and better understand a title.

Spotify has integrated it and some songs make use of it. The menu Behind the Lyrics will appear on the reading page. Click it to analyze the lyrics of the song and the song as a whole.

It’s like a “did you Know” section for your favorite songs. Most of the explanations in English.

10) Set A Timer For Sleep

Spotify’s sleep-timer feature is useful if you fall asleep listening to music. You can set a timer to play music for a certain amount of time. She stops at the end to avoid going in circles.

Click on the three dots in the upper right corner to open the menu and then select Sleep timer. You can choose the duration and the music will stop according to that.

We regret not being able to set a clock that goes beyond the hour.


Mastering Spotify for Android can enhance your music streaming. These tips will help you get the most from this popular app. They cover everything from optimizing sound to creating playlists. These tips will help you navigate Spotify easily, discover new music and enjoy your favorite songs to the fullest. Happy listening!

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