The 8 most unsafe airlines in the world

The rating site regularly examines airlines for various safety criteria and ranks the safest and least secure airlines in the world. / The 8 most unsafe airlines in the world examines more than 400 airlines based on seven different criteria, with one star for each criterion that is met.

The criteria include, for example, whether the respective airline has received a safety certificate from the International Air Transport Association IATA (International Air Transport Company), whether the airlines are on the European Union’s black list, and whether the US aviation authority FAA has issued a permit to enter the country the USA have and whether there has not been a fatal accident recorded for ten years. The latter criterion is restricted in that “deaths attributable to terrorist acts, kidnappings or pilot suicide” are not included.

Maximum 7 stars possible

An airline can therefore receive a maximum of seven stars and then, from the point of view of, meets the essential conditions to be considered safe. A total of 158 airlines currently meet these criteria and therefore receive the maximum number of stars. Compared to 2019, the number of particularly safe airlines has decreased by 41. This could be explained by the fact that the extent to which airlines comply with international COVID-19 standards is now also being assessed. This includes, for example, observing social distancing rules when boarding and disembarking, the basic night-time cleaning of the aircraft, the provision of face masks and the wearing of face masks by cabin crew.

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If a fleet flies exclusively with machines built in Russia or the former USSR, there is a minus point. On the other hand, there is a plus point if an airline fulfills all eight parameters of the International Civil Aviation Organization ICAO (International Civil Aviation Organization). These are: legislation, organization, licensing, working methods, airworthiness, accident processing, airspace navigation and airports. Read the full list of AirlineRatings rating criteria here.

The most unsafe airlines in the world

While there was only one airline in 2019, Nepal Airlines, which had only one star at and was classified as correspondingly unsafe, there are now eight. The most unsafe airlines are:

Pakistan International Airlines, Pakistan
Air Algerie, Algeria
Scat, Kazakhstan
Sriwijaya Air, Indonesia
Airblue, Pakistan
Blue Wing, Suriname
Iran Aseman Airlines, Iran
Nepal Airlines, Nepal

6 airlines with only two stars

Six airlines have only two stars at and are therefore also not considered particularly safe. These are:

Ethiopian Airlines, Ethiopia
UTair, Russia
Afriqiyah, Libya
Iran Air and Iran Air Tour, Iran
Pegasus, Turkey
Conviasa, Venezuela

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