Sending Photos in WhatsApp Without Losing Quality

This article is written to show a simple way to stop images from being compressed on WhatsApp. You can now share images without losing their quality.

Hello Friends. My article will explain how to send videos (and photos) to WhatsApp without quality loss. You can use this solution if you own an iPhone, Android device, PC or Mac.

You may be thinking:

Is it true that WhatsApp compresses my photos to reduce their quality?

Why do they do it?

Once I have helped you to send high-quality photos and videos, I will tell you more.

You can save media from WhatsApp in the original size and quality by asking the sender. I will show you how to do this in the article.

Sending Photos in WhatsApp Without Losing Quality

I will show you how to share a picture (or HD video), in the highest quality possible. Share a Photo without the Blurry WhatsApp Quality Reducer This process is actually very simple. You may be surprised.

You can send a file as a normal file instead of the default sharing option. The process is slightly different between iOS and Android devices. Sending an Uncompressed Image in WhatsApp using Android

Android device

This process works on any Android device, including Samsung, LG, Huawei and others.

Method – Click on the paperclip (DO NOT select PHOTO) and then enter the chat you want to send the picture. Click the paperclip. (DO NOT select PHOTO). You will click the Text File icon instead of Photo. You can now choose to browse through other documents or open a file manager on your device. It should be in the Recent Menu, probably with images. Tap on the three parallel dashes at the top-right corner and select Images and then Camera.

You may prefer this more simplified and streamlined version.

Check it out: Click the paperclip to the right of the chat. Click on Documents, then select Browse Other Documents. Then choose Images.

This way you can send the file without any resizing, or quality reduction.

Sending a photo on WhatsApp without compression using iOS

On an iPhone, you have to add another step in order to access your gallery of personal photos.

You can send photos in their original dimensions through WhatsApp.

Open the messaging app, and select the conversation you wish to send the picture. Select “New Group” from the drop-down list. Select the Share button. Then, select the file and choose iBooks as the sharing option. You have now created a pdf that can be shared. This will give the recipient a high-resolution photo that can be renamed to.jpg.

If you’ve taken the picture with a camera that has a lens, you can expect it to be incredibly large.

Here are some things to consider.

You may want to consider using WiFi traffic or data traffic if you have files larger than 16MB.

Sending full resolution photos on WhatsApp using Mac or PC

You can still share high-quality images if you use WhatsApp Web or the app downloaded on your computer.

Open WhatsApp Web on your computer or the app. Enter the chat in which you wish to share the picture. Select the Share button. Choose Documents (indicated by a text-file icon). You can access a management hub by selecting Browse Other Documents. Send a photo after you upload it.

Why does the photo quality on WhatsApp reduce?

This is a management default of shared files that reduces their size and quality.

WhatsApp automatically compresses images shared with contacts.

The app compresses the media, so it loses quality and definition immediately.

It’s for a good cause. This optimizes the way files are sent to reduce the impact on bandwidth.

WhatsApp is the most popular messenger in the world. If they didn’t compress images by default, their servers would sometimes run out of room.

What to consider if you share high resolution photos and videos on WhatsApp

Three things are important to remember when sharing photos and videos as documents on WhatsApp:

Take a look. This approach consumes more internet.

WhatsApp’s data traffic to share HD images and videos (and other documents) is much higher than its default method.

This means that if you’re not connected to WiFi and you’re on a mobile device, you can increase your data usage.

  • It takes more time to send the photo.
  • It will take longer for HQ images and videos to be opened than the traditional size.
  • You will naturally need more time if the file size is large.
  • You cannot send pictures as documents to your recipient.
  • The disadvantage of sending something as a.doc file is that it does not allow you to see a preview.

This method allows you to download files in their original size and open them in any image-managing app.

This hack is ideal for sharing smaller volumes of images over a period of time.

You are better off creating a new Google Photo album on your phone if you want to share a whole album of photos. This app is able to handle archives as well as create a back-up.

You can always reach me if you have questions or concerns.

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