How To Send Voice Messages Via WhatsApp Without Having To Hold Down The Microphone Button

This guide will help you understand how to send voice messages via WhatsApp without having to hold down the microphone button.

Let me first show you how to use the ‘official method’ that exploits a feature introduced by WhatsApp a few year ago. It’s possible you aren’t even aware that it exists. Then I will reveal a “trick” that allows you to send hands-free messages with Siri on an iPhone or Google on Android.

It can be very useful to record voice messages on WhatsApp without having to hold down the record button. You might need to record a long voice message, or you may want to use your hands to do something else.

Let’s stop wasting time.

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Recording Hands-Free Whatsapp Voice Messages

The first thing I’ll do is show you how to use the Record Key feature in WhatsApp to send and record hands-free voicemails. Next, I’ll explain how to use Siri or Google.

Send voice messages on WhatsApp hands-free

Follow these simple 5 steps to complete the process.

You can record your message by opening the WhatsApp chat thread and tapping the microphone button. Slide your finger upwards on the screen, then release it. Slide down to end the recording.

The steps are the exact same, whether you’re using an iPhone, or any of the Android devices made by Samsung, LG, Google, etc.

You can delete your recording at any time. Tap on the CANCEL icon to do so.

Siri and Google Assistant can help you send WhatsApp messages hands-free

Siri or Google Assistant can be used to send all kinds of messages without having to hold down the microphone.

Siri and Google are limited in their ability to send messages. This is the main difference between the “official method” and the built-in assistant. These assistants cannot send voice messages, but they can convert your speech into text messages. We hope that an audio feature will be available in the near future.

Both iPhones and Android devices can be used to accomplish this task.

Here’s a quick guide to help you.

Start by saying “Hey, Siri” on iPhones. Android users can ask their assistants to write a message by saying “Ok Google”, “Hey Google”, or “Ok Google”. Once the assistant has been listening, you can say “Send WhatsApp to CONTACT”. If you’re ready to send the WhatsApp message, say “Send”.

In recent years, transcription has improved dramatically. These assistants are able to recognize pauses in speech and can identify punctuation when necessary. There are very few issues.

Deleting WhatsApp audio messages you sent by mistake

You may have experienced the stress of sending the wrong audio message. It could be that the message was sent to the wrong person.

It is possible that you have sent off compromising or offensive emails and do not know how to retrieve them. You can damage someone by sending them a compromising message, or insulting your partner. You may regret sending something.

All is not lost, fortunately.

WhatsApp allows you to delete any messages that you’ve sent before they are read or heard. If you are unsure of your decision or if you accidentally sent a message to the wrong WhatsApp thread, you can delete it as soon as you realize.

WhatsApp users can delete all messages sent to them using the ‘Delete for All’ feature.

The only disadvantage is that the message may be read or viewed by someone before it can be deleted.

Here’s how to delete a message:

Open WhatsApp and go to the conversation where you want to delete a particular message. Tap and hold on the message. You can select multiple messages to delete them at once. Tap “Delete” at the top of the page and then select “Delete for everyone”

This will result in a message saying ‘This message was deleted’ appearing on all other threads.

If you see these words in an online chat, it is likely that the sender has changed their mind and taken them back.

After sending, you only have 1 hour, 8 minute and 16 second to delete the message that everyone can see. You will no longer be able delete the message after this period (4096 seconds).

You should read my guide on deleting WhatsApp messages.


WhatsApp’s latest versions for Android and iPhone are required to delete messages for all recipients.

The feature to delete messages will not be supported if either party isn’t using the latest version of the application.

Anyone can read your message, even if you have deleted it. (Unfortunately, you will not be notified if you fail to delete the message.)

My Take:

Make sure you delete a message before the double blue checkmark appears. This signal shows that a message was read. I’ve written a comprehensive guide that explains everything you might need to know about WhatsApp ticks.


This short guide is now complete. You should now have a clearer idea of how to send voice and text message hands-free, and delete messages that were sent in error.

Let’s recap: you can send long voice message through WhatsApp by sliding the microphone button upwards within the chat. The recording will be done without your hands.

You can also use Siri on the iPhone or Google Assistant on Android to send messages using the service.

Do you have any doubts, concerns, or questions? Want to share your alternative ideas with the group. Please leave a comment and I will reply as soon as possible.

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