Sunday, 15 September 2019

How to remove formalin in 15 minutes at home?

How to remove formalin in 15 minutes at home

Formalin is a polymer of formaldehyde. It looks a lot like white powder. It is easily mixed with water. It can be called formalin when mixed with 3-5% water. It is commonly used to preserve dead bodies. Also, formalin contains a chemical called methanol, which is extremely harmful to the body.

Let's not know, what are the harmful aspects of formalin?

1. Formaldehyde can cause people to become blind, it attacks the retina of the eye and destroys the retina cells. As a result, the eyes of the human eye gradually diminish. One can be completely blind at one time.

2. Formalin can cause abdominal pain, shortness of breath, skin disease, ulcers, indigestion, etc. Of course, these can also be caused by carbide and hydrogen peroxide.

3. Formalin gradually weakens the kidneys, liver, brain, heart, etc., and gradually the kidney liver disappears.

4. Formalin can cause lung, stomach cancer. There can even be terrible blood cancers, the last of which is death.

5. Due to the formalin, the amount of acid in the stomach increases. What we call Acidity. If this acidity is prolonged, there is a possibility of ulcers.

6. All other chemicals including formalin are a serious risk to all people. Particularly children's energy is reduced. Due to these chemicals, the immunity to the body is decreasing day by day. As a result, many complex diseases occur.

7. Formalin can cause a variety of postpartum problems. Children may become disabled.

Let's not know, how to remove formalin in just 8-20 minutes at home?

Easily Remove Formalin from fruits, remove formalin from fruits easily. Take 5 percent of the vinegar, mix it well, mix the two together, then release the fish containing formalin in that water, wait 5-20 minutes. After 5-20 minutes, 5% formalin will dissipate. This is the best approach.

1. Submerge the fish with formalin for 4 hours in ordinary water and remove at least 3-5% formalin.

2. Again, soaking the fish containing formalin for 3 hours in salted water will remove about 5% formalin.

3. Soak fruits, vegetables, and vegetables in warm water for 5 minutes before eating. About 5% of formalin will be removed.

Let's all be aware together, keep ourselves healthy, keep others healthy. Build a formalin-free life.