Raúl de Molina reveals one of the consequences that the coronavirus has left on his health

The Cuban presenter explained to his audience of El gordo y la flaca which part of his body has been especially affected after passing the virus in Spain.

This week the wait is finally over and also the unknown why Raúl de Molina was not in his daily show of El gordo y la flaca. As he explained, the coronavirus kept him in Madrid, but he is back.

After telling in detail how the process was, his contagion and the way in which he found out, the Cuban driver also disclosed the consequences that this virus has left on his body.

Although fortunately there is nothing serious that immobilizes him or prevents him from doing important things from day to day, he did admit that it is not comfortable at all. In addition, he jokingly confessed what her wife’s reaction was when she found out what COVID-19 had caused in her husband.

This is not a joke, sometimes my hands fall asleep at night… These fingers have been half asleep since I got COVID-19. My wife when she finds out about this the other day she tells me: ‘My God another part of the body more asleep! What am I going to do?’” She laughed, referring to his partner Mily de Molina.

The truth is that even in these complex moments Raúl has not lost his sense of humor, which is why all his colleagues are delighted with his return and have missed him during his absence.

Despite the scare experienced, the driver acknowledged having enjoyed a great time in Spanish lands and especially the city of Madrid where they had a great time, met again with great friends and enjoyed his gastronomy.

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