Queen Elizabeth cancels reception at Balmoral Castle

The monarch spontaneously canceled her annual reception at Balmoral Castle.

Queen Elizabeth II has canceled her traditional reception at Balmoral Castle at short notice. Instead, there should have been a small, private celebration, reports the British newspaper “The Mirror”. Now there are fears again that the 96-year-old may not be doing well. But the palace appeased.

The Queen arrived at her summer residence in Scotland at the end of July. The welcome event should have taken place on Monday, which according to the report will not be the case. It will be the first time in several decades that Elizabeth II will not be attending the ceremony just outside Balmoral Castle – with the exception of the first pandemic year of 2020.

“An integral part of the Queen’s calendar”

The Queen promised to be at the celebration. “The traditional greeting at Balmoral is usually a regular feature of the Queen’s calendar and something Her Majesty enjoys immensely because she can greet the people who come to see her,” the Mirror quoted a source close to the palace as saying. And further: “It is a bitter disappointment that the ceremony will not take place in its traditional form.”

The small ceremony will include an inspection of an honor guard by the Queen, the sound of bagpipes and, usually, a visit from the Royal Regiment of Scotland’s mascot, Shetland pony Lance Corporal Cruachan IV. This year, a small reception is to be held in the castle grounds. With honor guard but no press.

Buckingham Palace confirmed the tabloid’s report but said there was nothing to worry about. The royal family said the change of plan regarding the traditional ceremony was “in the spirit of re-arranging Her Majesty’s schedule for her comfort”.

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