Michigan: Carlos Santana passed out on stage

The 74-year-old artist was affected by the heat and was also dehydrated, according to his representative.

Guitarist Carlos Santana collapsed onstage during a concert in Michigan from heat and dehydration, according to his manager, Michael Vrionis.

Santana, 74, collapsed at Pine Knob, an open-air theater in Clarkston, 40 miles (64 kilometers) northeast of Detroit.

The incident occurred at 10:00 pm (local time). The artist was transferred to the emergency department of the McLaren Clarkston hospital and is well and under observation,

Minutes after the incident, concert organizers asked concertgoers to leave the venue and “pray,” the local Fox network affiliate reported.

Santana was promoting his album Blessings and Miracles and when the medical emergency happened he was singing his song Joy.

His Wednesday show in Burgettstown, Pennsylvania, has been canceled and a new date will be announced soon.

In December, the artist canceled his residency in Las Vegas for what his manager described as “unscheduled” heart surgery, however, he was able to participate in the dates in which his presentations were rescheduled.

The guitarist of Mexican origin is in the middle of the Miraculous Supernatural 2022 tour that began on June 17 and is scheduled for the end of September.

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Guitarist Carlos Santana fainted during a concert in Michigan and was carried out on a stretcher

The audience bid him farewell to applause as medical personnel rushed him to a nearby hospital after suffering heat stroke and dehydration.

Carlos Santana, Mexican rock n roll guitarist had a mishap during his most recent concert in Michigan, where they reported that he fainted on stage. The musician had been in concert for about 40 minutes at the Pine Knob Music Theater in Clarkston, Michigan, northwest of Detroit, when he fainted and had to receive medical attention on the spot.

The authorities and medical personnel intervened immediately, lowering the curtain and removing the guitarist from Autlán de Navarro, Jalisco, but a US citizen on a stretcher, according to the videos posted by fans on social networks.

In the videos that circulated mainly on social networks such as Twitter or TikTok, it can be seen that at the time of interpreting one of his songs, he had to lean towards the platforms where the drums are held, rested his arm and immediately sat down, causing the and the support musicians that accompany him on the tour will suddenly stop the activities when his assistants approach the stage with speed.

Another angle captured by the public revealed that there were three people who immediately approached the guitarist to give him some water, assist him and then do some medical maneuvers in cases of emergency, while the competent authorities arrived on stage for his transfer.

Despite this, he was caught conscious and saying goodbye to the fans while medical personnel from the building where he appeared tried to cover him with a black cloth. The public, for its part, although concerned, fired him to cheers and applause.

Those responsible for the concert immediately warned through the loudspeakers that the rest of the show was definitively canceled and different prayers were asked for Santana because of “a serious medical matter” in which minutes later it deepened.

Carlos Santana suffered a heat stroke

According to the social networks of the Mexican-American artist, it was only heat stroke and dehydration, so he was taken to a closed amphitheater in Clarkston, 40 miles from Detroit, Michigan. From there he was transferred to a hospital where he will be under observation, although he is reported to be stable.

Unfortunately, his concert on July 6 at The Pavilion in Burgettstown, Philadelphia, will be postponed to another date, while the other presentations of the legendary guitarist Carlos Santana continue to date and await what manager Michael Vrionis announces. .

“Rock legend Carlos Santana suffered from heat stroke and dehydration during his Tuesday night concert in Michigan. The guitarist was taken from his show at Pine Knob Music Theater, a closed amphitheater in Clarkston, 40 miles from Detroit, Michigan. Carlos was taken to the ER at the McLaren Clarkston for observation and is doing well,” the crew members wrote.

Social networks were immediately filled with videos of the moment in which the actions took place, but also with messages of love, affection and speedy recovery from all the fans who gathered at the building to appreciate a concert of their recent Miraculous Supernatural tour. 2022 Tour where he shares the stage with Earth, Wind and Fire.

He still has a few gigs coming up in Noblesville, Cincinnati, Milwaukee, Dallas, California, Hershey, Woodland and Rogers, as well as multiple dates at the House Of Blues in Las Vegas, Nevada as part of the An Intimate Evening tour.

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