Metal band frontman Trevor Strnad has died

Trevor Strnad was the lead singer of the successful band The Black Dahlia Murder. Now his colleagues are announcing sad news on social media: the artist died at the age of 41.

US musician Trevor Strnad founded the band The Black Dahlia Murder more than 20 years ago. Until the very end he was the frontman on stage. There were plans for further performances for this summer – but now Strnad is dead. He died a week after his 41st birthday. His band members announce this on their social media channels. “It is with deep sadness that we announce the death of Trevor Scott Strnad,” it said on Instagram.

“He was a beloved son, brother and shepherd of the good times and was loved by everyone who knew him,” the musicians write about a black picture. And further: “He was a walking encyclopedia of all things music. He was a hugger, a writer and truly one of the greatest entertainers in the world. His lyrics provided the world with story, magic, horror and humor. It his life was to be your show.”

Performances were planned for the summer

Hours before this devastating news, the band shared the lineup of the Dynamo Metfalfest music festival. The event takes place in summer in Eindoven, The Netherlands. They were supposed to perform there on August 20th, and concerts in Germany were also scheduled for that month. It remains to be seen how the band will continue, whether it will break up or look for a new front man.

The festival’s Instagram account also bids farewell to the deceased. A photo of him reads: “After The Black Dahlia Murder’s hard-hitting show at Into The Grave ’16, we were excited for Trevor to perform at Dynamo Metalfest.” The show will therefore not take place, the organizers are now looking for a replacement. The group, which consisted of five until Strnad’s death, dedicated themselves to melodic death metal. She is from Detroit, Michigan, USA.

Hotline number as a sad note

The cause of death was not released, however The Black Dahlia Murder post a suicide prevention hotline number.

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