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The foreign minister prevailed in an internal party vote against ex-finance minister Rishi Sunak. Many problems await Truss. / Liz Truss becomes the new British Prime Minister

Former Foreign Secretary Liz Truss will succeed British Prime Minister Boris Johnson. The Conservative Party elected the 47-year-old as their new leader and thus also as the next head of government.

Truss received more than 81,000 votes in the vote. She prevailed against former Finance Minister Rishi Sunak, who received around 60,000 votes, as the head of the responsible parliamentary group committee, Graham Brady, announced in London.

Truss hopes to win parliamentary elections / Liz Truss becomes the new British Prime Minister

After her election victory, Truss thanked the outgoing Prime Minister Johnson. Truss said he did Brexit, fended off the Labor Party, ensured the rapid introduction of the corona vaccine and opposed Russian President Vladimir Putin.

She was confident that her party’s goals would be supported by the majority of Britons. According to her, the Tories will win the general election planned for 2024.

“We will deliver, we will deliver, we will deliver,” Truss said. Polls currently see the opposition Labor Party clearly in the lead.

From Brexit opponent to Brexit fan

Truss is assigned to the right wing of the party. Once a staunch opponent of Brexit, she has long been emphasizing the benefits of leaving the EU.

In the inner-party election campaign, she was particularly convincing with her plan to immediately lower taxes despite enormously high inflation.

She also scored points with the party base – which is significantly older, more male and wealthier than the average British population – with a confrontational line towards the EU and populist statements about refugees, left-wingers, environmental activists and social minorities.

EU relations with Great Britain are not getting any easier

Like Johnson, Truss is apparently considering unilaterally withdrawing from the Northern Ireland Protocol. It is one of the most contentious points in relations with the EU. In the protocol, London agreed to goods controls between Great Britain and the British provinces, but repeatedly took action against it.

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Nevertheless, the EU Commission is now hoping for a “fresh start” with Great Britain. “Anything that advances our relationship with the UK is very welcome,” said Commission spokesman Eric Mamer in Brussels. Mamer emphasized that the EU continues to expect London to “fully implement” the Brexit agreements and the Northern Ireland Protocol.

Truss announces measures against energy crisis

High energy prices are the biggest challenge for the designated head of government. Truss announced quick measures to cushion the costs.

“I will deliver on the energy crisis by tackling people’s energy bills, but also by addressing long-term energy supply issues,” Truss said.

Truss and Sunak had already come under severe criticism in recent weeks because they refused to propose solutions to the energy crisis before the end of the party’s internal selection process.

The state energy price cap in Great Britain was recently raised significantly. From October it will be £3,549 (more than €4,200) a year for an average household. According to forecasts, it will continue to rise.

It is feared that millions of UK households will struggle to pay their electricity and gas bills this winter. In addition, the Bank of England expects inflation to reach 13.3 percent in October – the highest level in 42 years – and warned of the risk of a prolonged recession.

Appointed by the Queen on Tuesday

Tomorrow, Queen Elizabeth II will formally appoint Truss as Prime Minister. This will make her the third woman to lead the British government after Margaret Thatcher and Theresa May.

Also on Tuesday, Johnson will address the public one last time as prime minister before he is dismissed from office by the Queen. The 58-year-old is leaving after numerous scandals under pressure from his cabinet and parliamentary group.

On Twitter, Johnson called on his party to rally behind Truss. She has the right plan to deal with the energy and inflation crisis and to unite the party. “Now is the time for all Conservatives to get behind her 100 percent.”

Boris Johnson hesitates to resign – because he still wants to marry pompously?
Who will replace Boris Johnson as party leader?

Britain’s new “Iron Lady” Liz Truss becomes the country’s 3rd female prime minister

After Boris Johnson’s resignation, Liz Truss, who won the Conservative Party leadership race and is also the new Prime Minister of the country, faces high inflation, rising energy costs and seeking solutions to strikes in the coming days.

In the election race between Foreign Minister Liz Truss and former Finance Minister Rishi Sunak, who struggled to replace Johnson, who resigned from the party leadership on 7 July in the country, Truss won the majority of the votes of the party members.

Truss, who is married and mother of 2 children, was elected as the new resident of Prime Minister’s Residence Number 10, and became the “3rd female prime minister of England” after Margaret Thatcher and Theresa May.

High inflation, high cost of living, rising energy bills and collective strikes are among the priority issues waiting for a solution before the new Prime Minister Truss, who will take on the task of forming the government from the Queen of England, Elizabeth II tomorrow.

Truss: I will present a bold plan to reduce taxes and grow our economy

Liz Truss spoke after the voting results were announced.

Expressing his honor to be elected as the new leader of his party, Truss also paid tribute to his rival, former Finance Minister Rishi Sunak.

In his speech, Truss also thanked Boris Johnson, whom he referred to as “my friend”, and said: “Boris, you made Brexit, you crushed (former leader of the main opposition Labor Party) Jeremy Corbyn, you removed the vaccine and (Russian President) Vladimir Putin’s. You’ve been against it. From Kiev to Carlisle, you’re admired.” used the phrases.

“As your party leader, I intend to deliver on what we promised those who voted in our great country,” Truss said, committing his party to fulfill its promise to voters over the next two years. used the phrase.

Regarding their promise, “I will present a bold plan to reduce taxes and grow our economy.” Truss said that on the increasing energy bills, he will not only deal with the bills, but also with the long-term energy supply problems.

Following the resignation of Boris Johnson on July 7, Liz Truss received 81,326 votes, while her rival Rishi Sunak remained at 60,399.

Thus, Truss, who won the leadership race within the party, was also entitled to become the new prime minister of the country.

Truss will take charge of forming the government tomorrow

Prime Minister Boris Johnson will present his resignation to Queen Elizabeth II, who is spending her holiday at Balmoral Manor in Scotland, tomorrow, and then Truss will receive the mandate from the Queen to form the new government.

After meeting with the Queen, the new Prime Minister Truss will return to the capital, London, where he will make a speech.

Liz Truss is expected to announce the new cabinet tomorrow.

Boris Johnson announced on July 7 that he resigned from the ruling Conservative Party leader and will continue his duty as prime minister until a new leader is elected.

Who is Britain’s new prime minister, Liz Truss?

Liz Truss

The new Prime Minister of England, Liz Truss, whose full name is Mary Elizabeth Truss and who was born in Oxford in 1975, graduated from Oxford University with a degree in philosophy, politics and economics.

After his education there, Truss worked as a management accountant for an international oil company.

Truss, whose father is a mathematics professor and mother is a nurse, and grew up in a left-leaning family, started his political life in the right-leaning Conservative Party, unlike his family.

Truss was elected MP from South West Norfolk in 2010, after former British Prime Minister David Cameron was placed on the Conservative Party’s “A-list”. Truss entered the cabinet in the Cameron government as Education Minister in 2012.

Truss, who was appointed to various positions in the governments established in the following years, has been serving as the British Foreign Secretary since 15 September 2021.

Truss managed to make a name for himself with the agreements he signed as the Minister of International Trade before the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Accused of turning the Ministry of International Trade into the “Ministry of Instagram”, Truss appeared to ignore these criticisms. Truss shared photos from her Instagram account that sometimes give the image of a strong woman who loves lambs or calves on farms, sometimes shows herself on aircraft carriers and tanks, and sometimes visits world capitals.

She is likened to Thatcher, nicknamed the “Iron Lady”

Truss is compared to former Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher, nicknamed the “Iron Lady”, with her poses and the policies she advocated.

Wearing bright red, electric blue, or ocher yellow and paying particular attention to the appearance of the British flag in his photographs, Truss is allegedly imitating the Iron Lady.

Truss, who is “the second woman to sit in the Foreign Office seat in the UK”, has secured the release of two British citizens who have been detained in Iran for a long time.

She also drew attention with her support to the Kyiv administration in the Russia-Ukraine War and the roles she played in the sanctions against Moscow.

What does Liz Truss promise as Britain’s new Prime Minister?

Truss, who wanted the tax system to be completely revised, promised a solution to the increasing energy bills as well as reducing the taxes.

Liz Truss has committed to canceling the corporate tax increase, which is planned to be increased from 19 percent to 25 percent in 2023.

Truss has also promised to temporarily stop the “green taxes” paid by households to ensure that renewable energy production is financed.

He has pledged to channel billions of pounds into social care, earmarked to reduce backlogs in England’s National Health System (NHS).

By the end of next year, she has pledged to review all ongoing rules in the UK post-Brexit.

Truss wants to expand its commitment to the UK’s plan to send irregular migrants to Rwanda and to include other countries in that plan.

On the other hand, the new Prime Minister Truss supports updating the UK’s foreign policy to include a new focus on China and Russia.

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