How do I know if your number is blocked without calling?

If someone blocks your phone There are many methods to identify the presence of unusual messages as well as how fast your call was routed to voicemail. We’ll look at some tips to show your number was blocked, and what you can do to resolve the issue.

What Do I Know If My Phone Number Is Block?

Be aware that the most effective way to determine this is to inquire with who the individual is direct since it’s difficult to tell whether they’ve been blocked. If this isn’t something you’re able to do or would like to do, here are some suggestions to help identify whether your account has been affected.

If your wireless provider or phone has blocked your phone number, the methods for blocking a number may differ. Other factors like a cell tower being down, their phone switched off or dead, or Do Not Disturb activated can result in similar results. Get your detective skills in order and take a look at the evidence.

Tip 1: Beware of Unusual messages when you call

There’s no standard block number notification, but lots of people aren’t willing to know if they’ve blocked you. If you receive an unusual message you’ve not previously heard, they’ve likely blocked your number via their wireless provider. The message is different for each carrier but can be similar to:

  • “The person you’re seeking is not available.”
  • “The person you’re trying to reach is not accepting calls at the moment.”
  • “The number you’re using is currently out of service.”

If you contact them once per day over two to three consecutive days and receive the same message every time, the evidence shows that you’ve been blocked.

There are exceptions: They travel internationally often, natural disasters harm the network infrastructure (base stations and transmitters), or an event that is major enough to cause an unusually high volume of users to make calls at the same time, in which case, the message is typical “All circuits are currently busy.”

Tip #2: Voicemail

If your voicemail only receives one ringtone or you do not hear any ringtones, this is a signal your phone has blocked. In this instance, the user has utilized the feature to block numbers on their phone. If you dial once per day for a period of time and receive the same response every time, it’s proof that your phone number is blocked. If you hear three or five tones before your call is routed to voicemail, you’re probably in no way blocked (yet) however the caller is refusing or not answering your calls.

There are exceptions: If the person you’re calling has Do not Disturb on your call – as well as the rest of their calls will be promptly transferred to voicemail. It’s also possible to get this result if their battery is at a low level or their phone is off. Give it a few days before calling to determine if you’re getting a similar result.

Tip #3: Disconnect After the Busy Signal or Fast Frequent

If you experience an unanswered or rapid busy signal prior to the call being disconnected it could be that your number has been blocked by wireless companies. If multiple test calls in a row produce the same outcome, then it’s proof you’re blocked. Of the various clues that identify a blocked phone number, this one is rare, yet certain carriers continue to use this technique.

One of the most likely reasons to blame this is because your provider or one of the ones you’re calling is experiencing technical issues. To confirm, dial someone else, particularly if they’re exactly the same phone number as the one you’re trying to reach. Check whether the call gets through.

Another suggestion is to text message the phone number. If, for instance, you both use iMessage on your iPhone and then you start to beg to question if they blocked your account then send a message and test whether the iMessage interface is similar and you can view the message being delivered. If you aren’t able to transmit it as a normal text, they could be able to block you.

One exception is when they’ve turned off iMessage or do not own a device that is compatible with iMessage.

What Can You Do If someone blocks your number?

While you cannot take any action to get the number block is taken off their mobile providers and their mobile phones, you can find a variety of ways to confirm that your number is blocked. If you test one of the suggestions below and you get an unsatisfactory result or a suggestion from the above list (provided they don’t reply) you can take it as evidence the number is blocked.

  • Use *67 to conceal your phone number from the caller identification when you call.
  • You can hide your phone number with the help of the settings on your phone to disable the caller ID details for calls to outgoing numbers.
  • Make a call from the phone of a friend or a trusted friend to contact you.
  • Contact them directly on their social media channels or by email and ask them if they’ve blocked you.
  • Another option to get around the blockage is to use an online phone number or an internet-based calling service you can access with a cost app for calling.

When a different phone number is used to make a call, phone of the recipient will be able to see the new number instead of your actual phone number, thereby getting around the block.

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