Kala Hanuman – Black Hanuman Murti (Idol) In Hindu Temples

Kala Hanuman is the name used to refer to Black Hanuman
Murti (Idol) in Hindu Temple. This form of
Hanuman is associated with Shani Bhagvan or Saturn. It is widely believed that
Shani – the malefic planet – will not harm Hanuman devotees.
Legend has it that Hanuman had rescued Shani from Ravana’s
prison. Shani was imprisoned by Ravana to avoid any problems in his life.
Hanuman who had gone in search of Mata Sita found Shani imprisoned. He rescued him.
(You can read the entire story of Hanuman and Shani here.)

For rescuing him, Shani gave Hanuman the boon that he will
not trouble his devotees. Shani promised not to trouble or cause hardships to
Hanuman devotees. From that day people started worshiping Hanuman to
escape from Shani.

Black is the color associated with Shani, so it is believed
that black murti of Hanuman is more effective in alleviating troubles
associated with the bad positioning of Shani in horoscope.

Those people going through Sade Sati period find relief
after offering prayers at the feet of Hanuman.

Kala Hanuman is worshipped mainly on Saturdays. This is
because Saturday or Shanivar is associated with Shani.

The idol or murti of Kala Hanuman is unique as majority of
the murtis of Hanuman worshipped in North India is sindoor (red) in color. 

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