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Hundreds of people die on average every day from Covid-19 in the United States. The disease is a problem, but the pandemic is over. / Joe Biden: Coronavirus epidemic is over

US President Joe Biden has declared the corona pandemic over. “The pandemic is over, but we still have a problem with Covid,” Biden said in a TV interview. The interview was recorded on Thursday, including when Biden visited the Detroit Auto Show in Michigan. “As you can see, no one is wearing a mask here. Everyone seems to be in pretty good shape, so I think the situation is changing and I think this is a perfect example of that,” the US President said.

Biden’s comments could cause a stir within his own administration. Just a few weeks ago, the US government asked Congress for additional billions to fight the pandemic so that it could continue to offer tests and vaccinations during a possible corona wave in the fall. However, the corona restrictions in the USA have largely been lifted. Travel movements are also back at the level before the corona pandemic.

The US President tested positive for Corona in July and was treated with the Covid drug Paxlovid. At the end of August, his wife Jill contracted the virus and was also treated with the drug.

In the USA, around 390 people die every day on a seven-day average as a result of Covid 19 disease. US authorities recently approved two corona vaccines adapted to the omicron variant. The two preparations are so-called bivalent mRNA vaccines from the companies Biontech/Pfizer and Moderna.

US President Joe Biden (79) has promised Taiwan military support from the US Army more than ever before in the event of an attack.

When asked, “Would US forces defend the island?” Biden replied in a TV interview aired Sunday evening (local time): “Yes, if there were actually an unprecedented attack.”

In the interview for the “60 Minutes” show, moderator Scott Pelley (65) asked again: “So in contrast to Ukraine, to put it bluntly: US forces (…) would defend Taiwan in the event of a Chinese invasion? ”

Biden answered the question in the affirmative again.


After the interview, the White House intervened and made it clear that US policy had not changed and that the US would not officially say whether American forces would defend Taiwan.

But Biden’s statements were crystal clear. It’s not the first time his communications department has tried to recapture phrases from the president.

So far, the United States had committed itself to Taiwan’s ability to defend itself. This meant, above all, arms deliveries. However, the question of military assistance in the event of an attack was deliberately left open.

One thing is clear: From now on, Biden will find it difficult to fall behind his new promise. In China, his offensive commitment is likely to cause anger, but possibly also a deterrent.

It was only at the beginning of August that the visit of US top politician Nancy Pelosi (82) to Taiwan caused tensions with China. The communist leadership reacted, among other things, with provocative military maneuvers.

Joe Biden Coronavirus pandemic is over

Biden also caused political surprises in another area: he declared the corona pandemic over.

The US President literally: “The pandemic is over. We still have a problem with Corona. We are still working a lot on it, but the pandemic is over.”

No one wears a mask anymore and “everyone seems to be in pretty good shape,” he said.

The sentences are sensitive because just a few weeks ago his US government asked Congress for a further $22 billion in the fight against the pandemic. Among other things, the test and vaccination offer should be maintained during a possible corona wave in autumn.

Will Congress still give the green light to this plan after Biden’s sentences?

Will Biden compete again?

Meanwhile, Biden left open whether he will compete again in the battle for the White House in 2024.

“As I said at the beginning, my intention is to run again. But it’s just an intention. Is it a firm decision that I run again? That remains to be seen,” he said when asked.

Ex-US President Donald Trump (76) has been similarly covered so far. Although he keeps flirting with competing, he has not made any clear statements.

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