Jobs That Artificial Intelligence Will Destroy in Future

What Jobs will Artificial Intelligence Kill? Theorists have pointed out that artificial intelligence technology will eliminate many jobs currently performed by humans.

Emerging technology Technology is expected to eventually replace many tasks that are repetitive or manual. This article will also examine other job profiles which are similar to yours.

One common example is replacing manual workers with robots.

Below is a list listing the five professions that are most likely to disappear before 2030.

Which Jobs That Artificial Intelligence Will Destroy?

1. Accounting Officers

It is likely that the profession of accountant will be replaced in the next 10 years by entirely new technologies, thanks to the industrial revolution 4.0. Microsoft Office provides a double-entry accounting application called Easy Bookkeeping. This is ideal for small businesses that need to log daily transactions and view ledger accounts. According to a survey, 82% of people believe automation will happen in the next 20 years.

2. Location-Based Jobs

The evolution of artificial intelligence is causing a lot of changes. Groceries are now using smart automated payment systems to pay their bills instead of human cashiers. Amazon’s smart grocery store Amazon Go doesn’t require customers to wait at the checkout counter.

3. Market Research Analyst

Experts predict that 61% of marketing specialists and analyst analysts will be replaced by artificial intelligence and automation. According to AmazonAWS, market research professionals are likely to adapt their roles to AI. 12% of market research professionals are looking to change their careers to avoid losing their jobs.

4. Retail Workers

Walmart and other retail giants are introducing new technologies that will reduce the time spent on repetitive tasks such as cleaning floors or checking inventory. The company released a press release describing robots such as Auto-C, Auto-S, and Fast Unloader. These robots can be used to autonomously clean floors, scan shelves, and sort inventory to find products. Online orders are easier than ever, and shelves can be cleaned faster than ever. These companies have not yet disclosed all the affected businesses.

5. Software Developers

AI adoption is increasing at an alarming rate in most organizations. In the IT sector, mass layoffs have already started. Cognizant and Infosys, among other technology giants, announced that senior-level employees were being laid off due to a variety of reasons, including emerging technologies like artificial intelligence, automation to assist organizations and more. Low-cost work.

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