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In Solanki Nagar in Indore, Madhya Pradesh, a case of religious conversion and the suspicious death of a disabled girl as come to the fore. The sister and father of the deceased girl identified as Kajal Yadav (24) have alleged that the victim slipped into depression due to the mounting pressure to convert to Christianity.

Reportedly, the girl on Wednesday, February 8, was continuously crying and fell asleep however, she did not wake up after that. Khushboo, the elder sister of the deceased girl has accused a person in the case who has earlier accused her father Gopal Yadav, and his tenant Raju Bansal of molesting his daughter. Khushboo claimed that one day when the accused had an argument with her father, he called the CM Helpline and filed a case against Gopal Yadav at Vijay Nagar police station.

Following this, there was a tense atmosphere in their house, consequently, terrified by the incidents happening, Kajal reportedly slipped into depression and stopped eating food also. The deceased’s father was also staying away from the house for a month.

On Friday, Kajal’s family reached Vijay Nagar police station with her dead body and bier. They filed a case against the person who they accused of coercing them to convert to Christianity and demanded his arrest. Town Inspector (TI) Ravindra Gurjar counseled them and requested them to perform the last rites first.

‘We are Yadavs and will not leave our Sanatan Dharma’

Gopal Yadav resides in the Vijay Nagar locality of Solanki Nagar along with his three daughters and a son. On Wednesday, his daughter Kajal Yadav died on Friday, February 10. Kajal’s family have alleged that a person residing in front of their house was pressurising them to convert to Christianity and also offered to help them with jobs and other things. Khushboo said that despite the pressure, we did not leave our Sanatan Dharma as we belong to the Yadav family.

‘He used to throw eggs and interrupt Pooja at our home’

Khushboo added that it is due to this that she was stopped and harassed by the accused often when she used to step out of her home. She went on to claim that whenever there used to be a Pooja at their home, the accused would play speeches related to Christianity at a very loud volume. The accused allegedly hurled eggs and meat at Gopal Yadav’s house.

The dead body of the deceased girl has been sent for postmortem and the police are investigating the matter.

Source: OpIndia

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