How To Mute Notifications From iMessage

You don’t have to endure the constant barrage of notifications that iMessage sends to your phone if you are sick of them. This application has a setting to muffle both group and individual chats.

You can muffle conversations in iMessage to stop you hearing and seeing notifications. It is easy to muffle all notifications for each conversation, whether you’re using an iOS device or a Mac. We will explain how to block someone if you prefer a more dramatic solution.

But blocking someone does not have to be evil. It could be that you are constantly receiving messages intended for someone else or getting spammed. You can take immediate action if necessary to stop further communication with another number.

This guide will walk you through the simple yet highly effective process of silencing iMessage notifications on your iPhone or iPad. Whether you’re in a meeting, watching a movie, or simply need some uninterrupted focus time, mastering this feature will enable you to take control of your digital communication and strike the perfect balance between staying connected and enjoying moments of peace and quiet.

How To Mute Notifications From iMessage

Mute iMessages on Your iPhone or iPad

Follow these steps to mute your notifications, no matter your reason.

  • Open iMessage
  • Swipe left to muffle a conversation (this could be a group or individual message).
  • You can silence a conversation by clicking “Hide Alerts”. If a half-moon icon appears next to the conversation, you can be sure it worked.

The same process works on both iMessage conversations and SMS conversations. Unmuting conversations is the same. Simply swipe left to open a conversation and select “Show Alerts”.

Turning off Notifications on Mac Version of iMessage

You can turn off Mac notifications in three simple steps.

  • Select “System Preferences”, then “Notifications”.
  • Select “iMessage” from the menu and uncheck “Play Sound for Notifications”.
  • Follow the steps above and, at step 3, select “Play Sound for Notifications”.

iMessage Blocking – How to block someone?

You may have found a good reason to block the contact. Follow these three steps to block a contact.

  • Tap the conversation you want to block in Messages.
  • Tap the “Info” button in the upper right corner. Tap on the name of your contact.
  • You will find an option at the bottom to “Block This Caller”. Tap this option again to reject the contact.

After this is done, you won’t receive any more Facetime attempts, messages or calls. You can change your mind later about blocking the phone number by simply following the same steps again and selecting Unblock This Contact.

Apple: Report Junk/Spam

Apple can be notified if you receive junk or spam emails on a regular schedule. You will find an option titled “Report Junk” under the message. By clicking on it, the message with stats will be sent to an Apple representative.

Contact your mobile carrier to report spam SMS and MMS messages.

Filtering Unwanted Messages

It’s possible you don’t know that you can filter out messages from unknown senders so they never reach your threads. To do this, click “Settings”, then “Messages”. You can turn on “Filter Unknown senders” from this menu. You will see a new tab (Unknown Senders), but you won’t be informed of any new messages. This setting also applies to the Mac’s messaging features.

Employ “Do Not Disturb Mode”

It may be that you don’t need to limit notifications permanently and just want them to stop for a certain period of time. The “Do Not Disturb’ feature is a great option. This feature will prevent you from receiving any notifications while your screen remains locked.

When this mode is on, you will see a half-moon appear in the status bar at the top. You can turn it on or off in two different ways:

Click on the Settings button. You can set up notifications by tapping on “Do Not disturb” or “Schedule”.

You can also open the Control Center simply by tapping on the half-moon icon on your home screen.


By following the simple steps outlined in this guide, you can temporarily silence iMessage notifications and enjoy moments of uninterrupted focus or relaxation. This feature is particularly useful during meetings, while watching a movie, or when you simply need some peace and quiet.

Remember that the “Do Not Disturb” feature is highly customizable, allowing you to exempt important contacts or enable repeated calls to ensure that you don’t miss critical messages or calls.

In today’s fast-paced digital world, being able to mute notifications is a valuable skill that promotes both productivity and mental well-being. It empowers you to stay in control of your device, rather than letting it control you.

So, whether you’re an iPhone user looking to enhance your digital etiquette or someone seeking a respite from the constant ping of notifications, knowing how to mute iMessage notifications is a skill worth mastering. It puts you in charge of your device, ensuring that it serves your needs without becoming a source of distraction.

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