Greece Pushed 19,636 Migrants To Death In 11 Months | NationalTurk

According to the records of the Coast Guard Command, 10 immigrants died in the push-backs.

From Çeşme and Menderes in İzmir and Didim and Kuşadası districts of Aydın to Chios Island, from Çanakkale, Balıkesir and İzmir’s Dikili district to Midilli, from Muğla’s Marmaris district to Rhodes, from Antalya Kaş district to Meis, Immigrants caught trying to reach Kos and Farmakosini islands from Muğla’s Bodrum district or from Edirne’s İpsala district to Europe are faced with ill-treatment by Greek soldiers.

Greek elements push illegal immigrants, whose valuables they have taken, back into Turkish territorial waters.

The Coast Guard Command teams of the Ministry of Interior caught 41,834 illegal immigrants on their journey of hope in 1341 incidents that took place in the first 11 months of 2022.

In the same period, 38 immigrants died, and 278 organizers were caught by the work of the teams.

According to the data of the Turkish Coast Guard Command; By the end of October, many illegal immigrants were caught by Greek soldiers.

A total of 19,636 immigrants, who went on a voyage of hope from the Aegean and the Mediterranean with various sea vessels, were pushed back to Turkish territorial waters, with their valuables taken and rubber boats, life rafts or boats whose engines were dismantled.

Coast Guard teams rescued many immigrants alive. According to the records of the Coast Guard Command, 10 immigrants lost their lives in the 11-month period of this year in push-back events.

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