14 Google Glass Features That Will Convince You to Buy

The rumor mill was in overdrive when Google Glass first “announced”, back in early 2012. Google’s plans were the subject of much speculation.

The rumor mill was in overdrive when Google Glass first “announced”, back in early 2012. Google’s plans were the subject of much speculation. There were many ideas for wearable technology. Even rumors of augmented reality were mentioned. Google Glass is now available to some people. We know a lot more about Google’s upcoming “next-big thing”, but many consumers are still not fully aware of what Google Glass does.

14 Best Google Glass Features

We know it allows the user to stay connected just by wearing the device. With your smartphone, you can tweet, take photos, and do a lot of other things. What are the Google Glass features you will use to convince yourself to spend hundreds, or even thousands of dollars on something that looks cool, or dorky, depending on how you look at it?

Google Glass has some features that might just push you over the edge of doubt.

1. Prism screen display

This is what science fiction is all about, but it’s science reality right now! This screen is the highlight of Google Glass. It displays data without blocking your view and it’s actually equivalent to a 25″ high-def screen 8 feet away. It looks like something Tony Stark would wear.

2. Take photos/video

This feature can be a blessing or a curse, depending on your level of concern for privacy. You can take pictures and videos by simply speaking. You might sound/look silly, but this is a very convenient feature! Privacy issues have already been raised. Still, the ability to capture a photo/video of something you see instead of having to hold your phone up will change our habits. It’s a lot.

3. Hold a Google+ hangout

This feature may not be as convincing if you’re not a Google+ member. Google+ has gained more popularity, but users are still leaving Facebook by the thousands. In the near future, it is not unlikely that more people will use the other social network. If this is the situation, then being able engage in a Google+ hangout using Google Glass would be very useful.

4. Text message

This is one of the best features that Google Glass has to offer, especially for people who spend their days hunched up over their phone texting. By the way, this also applies to emails. The mere idea of not needing to hold my phone/tablet in order to read and respond to text messages/emails is enough for me to begin saving money to purchase Google Glass.

5. Google Maps

Google Glass Maps integration will be essential for people like myself who rely on Google Maps heavily to navigate their city and avoid being scammed by taxi drivers who take the scenic route. Included are turn-by-turn instructions.

6. Translate

Travel a lot but you can’t speak another language? Google Glass will take care of all your worries. Even if someone is speaking in a foreign language, it can translate. This feature is still not completely developed and may have issues with Internet connectivity. However, once it’s ready, this will be a great feature.

7. iOS compatibility is in the works

It’s not a feature that consumers are worried about, but rather the fact that Google Glass won’t be compatible with other devices. Good news! They are working to make Google Glass compatible with iOS for features such as turn-by-turn navigation and text messaging.

Google Glass is a great product, but with just these seven features there is no reason to not try it out. Google Glass is currently priced at $1500, which is quite expensive. However, if Google can bring the price down, to around half or even less as some believe, then we are not going to be wrong in predicting that Google Glass will become the next big thing for consumer technology. Pessimists are always present, but there is still a lot to see. If these features work well, then I can’t imagine why anyone wouldn’t want to buy Google Glass.

8. Third-Party Apps

Google encouraged software developers to create additional applications for Google Glass. This led to a variety of third-party apps that expanded what the device could do. These apps covered everything from news and sports to helping you find your way and much more.

9. Gestures

Besides talking to it, Google Glass understood certain hand movements. For instance, you could confirm something by nodding your head or navigate through menus by swiping your finger along the side of the frame.

10. Fitness and Health Tracking

Google Glass could also be your fitness companion. It kept tabs on your physical activity, like counting your steps, measuring how far you traveled, and even checking your heart rate.

11. Accessibility Features

Google Glass had features designed to assist people with disabilities. It could read out loud text messages and notifications for those who had trouble seeing, and it could provide real-time written captions for conversations.

12. Customizable Frames

You could personalize the look of your Google Glass by choosing different frames and shades, adding a touch of style to the technology.

13. Navigation and Directions

In addition to helping you find your way with Google Maps, Google Glass provided step-by-step directions with both visual and spoken cues. This was handy for walking, biking, or driving.

14. Search

You could use Google Glass to perform internet searches by just speaking your query. The search results would appear on the small screen in front of your eye.

It’s worth noting that the version of Google Glass for regular consumers was discontinued. However, some of these features and ideas have continued to develop in other types of wearable gadgets and augmented reality devices. Google Glass Enterprise Edition 2 (EE2), designed for business use, has been put to practical use in specific industries.

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