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Guided by VR technology, visual and experiential time travel opens up a new way and horizon for the curious to understand history. Enjoy Virtual Reality Tours with Time Travel VR Tour

What is Time Travel VR Tour?

Time Travel VR Tour brings the past to the present thanks to the future. Having hosted many ancient civilizations, Turkey is one of the most important centers of civilizations and events that shape human history.

Istanbul has been the capital of 3 great empires, and the most outstanding works of the Byzantine and Ottoman Empires are preserved in the city of “this world capital”. Time travel is now possible with Time Travel VR Tour, an innovative tourism service created using VR technology.

Exploring history and trying to understand the period with visual and structural clues that have survived to the present day is difficult and complicated for many local and foreign tourists because visitors see the works of that period in today’s urbanism and architecture.

Discover Turkey with Virtual Reality Tours

Centuries-old artifacts, the spirit and architectural structure of the period, the tour guide’s narration and the listening guest have a chance to grasp the history, architectural knowledge and experience within the limits.

The moment when you wish that there was a technology that we could enter into that period and even experience and discover individually; At this stage, VR technology comes to the fore with the opportunity to experience a real visual experience.

Explore the Ottomans and Byzantium with a Virtual Reality Tour

With VR glasses that create a different and new perspective in promoting Turkey’s culture and civilization, local and foreign guests will go on a 3D time travel through history.

How would you like to experience Istanbul’s multi-layered civilizational history as a time traveler traveling through time?

Using VR technology, supported by live animation, that is, VR glasses that take us to time travel to the past with the technology of the future, we are experientially, in a sense, traveling through history. This testimony will undoubtedly open a new horizon for the enthusiasts. It will provide an unforgettable experience for a lifetime.

Contrary to the history books and the story told, we are opening the doors of a brand new era in tourism with the explorers of the new century who will be the virtual witnesses of that period. Our basic method has been to interpret the art and architectural works left by the Byzantine and Ottoman civilizations in the geography of Istanbul with an objective point of view and a contemporary scientific understanding.

We are opening our minds to the discovery of a brand new history-telling, in which we try to look at this age not as passive listeners to tourists, but as explorers who will witness firsthand the history of tourism.

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