Here is the Difference Between WhatsApp and Snapchat

This is a comparison of the two great instant messaging applications, Snapchat and WhatsApp. You’ll find out at the end of this article which one is best.

Communication has always been at the forefront in delivering information since the dawn of civilization. In the old days, people used to communicate by word-of-mouth or sent messengers on foot or horseback from one area to another.

Radio and telephone gradually replaced word-of-mouth communication. The internet has revolutionized communication today.

It has also led to the growth of messaging applications. These apps let users not only chat, but also share videos, photos and GIFs. They can even track their location.

We will compare two of the world’s most popular messaging apps today – WhatsApp and Snapchat. Both apps are popular around the globe. Both apps are packed with features to make communication fun.

Difference Between WhatsApp and Snapchat

Here are the major differences between WhatsApp and Snapchat to help you decide which one is better.

1. No Sim card

Since long, SIM cards are used to identify smartphone users. SIM cards not only provide you with a unique phone number, but also help to distinguish between smartphone users.

Phone numbers are now used to identify users by messaging apps. You are required to provide your full name, your email address, and your password, but it is your phone number that you use to access the application, even if on a different device.

WhatsApp will not activate without a SIM card.

Snapchat doesn’t require a SIM card for activation. You only need to enter your personal information, such as full name and email address.

Users do not need to use the same SIM card to access WhatsApp. This is a great security feature, as you can lock your account or delete it in the event that your phone gets stolen or lost.

2. Two-way opt in

Two people are needed to communicate effectively. When you install a messaging application like WhatsApp, your contacts must already be in your phonebook. The app can then automatically add your contacts to its phonebook, allowing you to connect with other users on the platform.

Users can communicate with their contacts via voice, video and chat. Not only that. You can also share photos and videos with your friends. Users can also create forums to discuss topics and share information. This feature is known as groups.

WhatsApp requires you to accept or add contacts before you can start chatting with or sharing content with that contact.

It has been discovered that this will prevent strangers from sending you unwanted messages. The problem is that people can get your contact details from a group, and then send you messages even if they aren’t in your contacts.

Snapchat doesn’t require that you have contacts on your phone before you can use the app.

3. Contact Sharing

Socialization can be a good way to network. It can be beneficial in many different industries. If you’re a recent grad, you may be looking for work. It’s difficult to find a job in the current market if you do not have some experience.

If you work in technology and are a great systems engineer or programmer, your job is made easier. Even so, networking remains important. This allows individuals to find like-minded people and learn about new business or job opportunities.

You must share your contact information to network. Previously, business cards were handed out. It was necessary to meet face-to-face.

This is no longer necessary. WhatsApp is easier to use than Snapchat when it comes contact sharing. Users can easily share their contacts with others. This feature is currently not available on Snapchat.

4. Apps For Web

Smartphones are becoming increasingly popular but they have not yet replaced desktop PCs. Desktop PCs are essential for home use and business. These PCs come with an array of applications that make your work easier.

Users can create documents and then print, edit, and share them via email. Desktop PCs let users play the best games. The best games are played on desktop PCs.

Mods allow for a great deal of customization. Not only that. You can also incorporate multiple hard drives to make your desktop an excellent backup device for all kinds of data.

A web application was created by developers for messaging apps such as WhatsApp due to their popularity. The web app allows users to enjoy the same features as their smartphone application.

The web app requires that your phone’s Internet connection be active. It can be costly, especially if there is no Wi-Fi. Snapchat does not currently have a web application, which is a big difference between WhatsApp.

Only the smartphone app can be used to communicate.

Final Thoughts

You can see from the comparison between WhatsApp and Snapchat that WhatsApp supports contact sharing, uses a SIM card for its functionality, and has a web application. Snapchat cannot do any of these things.

WhatsApp is the clear winner.

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