Steps to Creating a Strong Password (Easily)

Creating strong passwords, with the development of technology, has become inevitable for malicious people to increase. In order to protect our own accounts from malicious people, it is absolutely necessary to create an extremely strong password.

Usually, hackers called “Blackhat Hackers” do things like cracking passwords. Black Hat hackers are hackers who are malicious. They do not hesitate to do illegal work such as password cracking, Phishing Methods, virtual fraud, malicious software, and social engineering.

If any of your accounts are protected with a simple password, they can possibly even become ineffective in brute force attacks. How to create a strong password to protect ourselves from such attacks, How to create a strong password is mentioned below.

Generate Mixed Passwords –

Create mixed passwords, and stay away from single-number or single-letter passwords, they can be easy to guess and crack by some programs.

Being aware of this is that using mixed characters makes passwords a little stronger. A password consisting of symbols, numbers, and letters will significantly protect you and your password from attacks called brute force. The reason is that much more characters are entered into the program, which will minimize the possibility of finding your password.

Do not use passwords related to personal areas.

Don’t say that’s not all, someone who knows you closely or someone who analyzes you on social media can learn about your hobbies and interests. You wrote in your bio or description on social media, What does it do? What does it do? What does he like? You answer questions like:

With this information they get from you, they can create a word list on your behalf. Word lists are tried by the program one by one to try to find your password. This method is one of the methods of creating strong passwords that will provide professional protection against such professional attacks.

Use long passwords –

The longer the password, the more secure you will be. Long passwords are generally difficult to guess and are the kind of passwords that will knock programs out. You may prefer a password of at least 8 characters or passwords of more. In this way, your passwords become stronger with strong password creation techniques  …

A method that truly protects your password and makes it stronger. In fact, most of us use long passwords, but most of us don’t really use more than 5 or 6 characters. It is inevitable to guess their password.

Don’t Use Commonly Used Passwords –

Although frequently used passwords have decreased nowadays, people who do not have enough knowledge continue to do so. While the password is set on social media, it is not allowed to use the most used passwords anyway.

There were a lot of frequently used passwords in the past and since many people’s passwords were easily cracked afterward, we see that people withdraw from such a mistake, especially today. If you prefer frequently used passwords, either the account is not important to you or you do it because it is an unnecessary account.

So what kinds of passwords are among the most used passwords?

I should not give examples of extremely simple passwords ie ‘123abc’, ‘abc123’, etc. Pay attention to the following combinations;

Name City, name team, and city team, and place license plate numbers on the back of each password. These are passwords that should not be set

Creating 256 Bit Password –

If your password is extremely important to you, creating a 256-bit password is the best method.

Creating a 256 Bit password can make your passwords completely secure. But you cannot create a 256 Bit password yourself. Reason: They use the ‘ Hex ‘ code of a normal password. It is not possible for you to do it because it is a process done by programs.

256 Bit passwords are used in very important technologies. Web servers,  SSL certificates, etc. areas are encrypted with 256 Bit passwords by the programs. We can see how important the area it is used is.

The reason it is used in such areas is that a password-cracking program would have to try  2 555 different combinations as a guess.  This is something that seems impossible for mega-powered computers to do these days.

256 Bit passwords can be difficult to remember because they are long and complex characters. Therefore, the password may need to be registered in at least one place.

Creating a strong password is of course important to us, if you use the above suggestions, you will be safe.

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