Corsair Xeneon Flex OLED: First flexible monitor introduced

At 45 inches, the new Xeneon Flex looks like a large but ordinary ultrawide monitor with an OLED panel. If it weren’t for the two handles on the left and right: This allows the actually flat display to be bent with a bold grip.

The screen with a diagonal of 45 inches and a 21:9 aspect ratio can score with its properties even without the exclusive feature: It is an OLED display from LG with the UWQHD resolution with 3,440 x 1,440 pixels and a refresh rate of 240 Hertz. The OLED response time is typically low, with Corsair reporting a low of 0.01 milliseconds. That can definitely be true, we can claim from our measurement experience. There is also a G-Sync sticker on the monitor, but the module does not come from Nvidia, so Freesync works just as well here.

Corsair Xeneon Flex OLED

At first it takes some effort to tighten the handles on the sides. But the monitor can be converted from a flat to a curved panel relatively easily and quickly by pulling on it. What is this all about? After all, the curvature itself is a matter of belief or taste. At the launch, Corsair mentions that the monitor will function as a work and gaming hybrid. A curvature is less suitable for image or video editing – a flat panel is preferred here. For gaming, however, the display can then be curved in order to enjoy a racing simulation, for example. The monitor then has a curvature of 800R, which corresponds to a radius of curvature of 800 centimeters.

The technology of a flexible OLED display from LG is not new in itself, the manufacturer has already shown a rollable display at trade fairs in the past. However, such panels have not yet come onto the market and no OLED displays from LG have been used in monitors. It was the competition from Samsung, which introduced an OLED display in a Dell monitor earlier this year.

The monitor should go out this year as a media test sample and finally come onto the market in early 2023. Corsair has not yet been able to name a price, but we suspect that it will be in four figures. There are rumors among colleagues that LG is proposing an RRP of around 2,200 euros, which sounds realistic in this case.

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