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One of the heaviest defeats of Turkish football took place tonight! Turkey lost 2-1 away to Faroe Islands. Our National Team, which guaranteed the Nations B League, continued its bad football against the Faroe Islands after the Luxembourg draw.

In the 1st Group of the Nations C League, Faroe Islands and Turkey faced each other. Our National Football Team lost the match played at Torsvollur Stadium 2-1, adding a scandalous result to its history! Despite many of our quality players, Turkey, which could not put a tooth on its opponent as a game, lost 2-1 from its opponent, who played head-to-head in the first half, conceding goals in the 51st and 59th minutes. Serdar Gürler, who entered the game in the 60th minute, scored the only goal of our national team in the 89th minute.

The bad game in the 3-3 draw with Luxembourg continued against the Faroe Islands, which ranked 125th in FIFA World Rankings. Unable to be effective in the first half, Turkey could not prevent Davidsen’s shot in the 51st minute and saw the ball in their nets. Enjoying great joy, the Faroe Islands managed to score the most important victory in their history with Edmundsson in the 59th minute.

Following this result, the Faroe Islands managed to defeat Turkey, with the exception of Malta, Latvia, Andorra, Liechtenstein and Lithuania, after Greece’s victory in 2016. While the home team is in the 3rd place with 8 points; Turkey, which did not concede a goal in the first 4 games and conceded 5 goals in the last two games, rose to the Nations B League with 13 points.

In the 41st minute, İrfan Can saw Kerem, who was hanging from the left wing behind the defense, very well. Kerem Aktürkoğlu controlled the ball and entered the penalty area, passed the ball over the goalkeeper and sent it to the nets, but the side referee’s offside flag went up. The VAR room also approved the decision after a short check and declared the goal invalid.

Faroe Islands Take the Lead in the 51st Minute

In the 51st minute, right wing Vatinhammar passed Eren Elmalı very easily and saw Davidsen on the opposite wing. In the shot of the left-back, who controlled the ball and shot hard with his left foot, the ball hit Ozan Kabak and went to our nets: 1-0.

Turkey & Faroe Islands: Second goal arrived

Faroe Islands, whose courage increased after leading 1-0, brought the score to 2-0 in the 59th minute. Our defense was helpless again when Andreasen snatched the ball behind the defense and Edmundsson sent the ball into the net with a classy kick: 2-0.

Turkey & Faroe Islands: Serdar Scored Our Only Goal

In the 89th minute of the match, the only goal of our National Team came. While Serdar Dursun was trying to pass, he left the ball returning from the defense to Serdar Gürler with the head ball. Serdar, wearing the Başakşehir jersey, sent the ball to the far corner and scored the goal, which declared the score of the match as 2-1.

Stefan Kuntz: This time we’re knocked out!

A National Team Coach Stefan Kuntz made statements after the 2-1 Faroe Islands defeat.

After the match, Stefan Kuntz, the coach of the National Team, who lost 2-1 to the Faroe Islands in the 1st Group of the Nations C League, spoke live. The German coach, who lost the field for the 3rd time in his 12th national match, stated that they took a few punches for the Luxembourg match, but this time he commented on the 2-1 defeat by saying “We were knocked out”.

“I find the criticism justified, but I will not blame my players or my team. There was a team that was not as strong as us and that struggled more. We’ve been punched before, this time it’s a knockout situation. It really hurts.”

Turkey & Faroe Islands – Stefan Kuntz

“We will stand up stronger from here. We shouldn’t make excuses, but if a national team loses its 10-11 best quality player, it is difficult to replace him with players. The schedule is clear, I wish we could get together more.”

Kuntz: I won’t give up

“It is very easy to talk about a manager change right now. We have to face the facts. It is not easy to change reality by changing the teacher. This is the current situation of the Turkish National Team. I will never give up. This motivated me even more.”

“In both Luxembourg and Faroe games, we always ran less than the opponent. We won fewer duels in both games. These are the basic elements of football. It is the same in ancient and modern football. If you cannot be successful in these points, you cannot be successful in total. I don’t want to criticize my players in public. We said conditions. Rain, wind… When we evaluate it in terms of today’s conditions, this is the reality and quality of the Turkish National Team.”

Stefan Kuntz: I’m not even considering resigning at 1%

“I don’t know the speculations that lasted for 1 month. We had 4 wins. I don’t understand what was unsatisfying after four victories, but these news came out. Impatience won’t change anything. We wanted to pass the play-offs and go to the World Cup, but we couldn’t. The second goal was to get to the B League. We achieved this. At this stage, I do not even think of 1% resignation. I am more motivated now.”

Mario Balotelli, who had a fight with Montella, left Turkey

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