50 thousand Dharkaris (activists) of Shri Shivpratisthan Hindusthan vow not to buy Halal products! – Hindu Janajagruti Samiti

Stupendous response to Manoj Khadaye’s appeal in Dharatirtha Yatra of Shri Shivpratisthan Hindusthan

Junnar (District Pune, Maharashtra) : A parallel economy is being created by using Halal certifications to extract money from the pockets of Hindus. Halal certification, which used to be limited to meat, is now being issued in food, cosmetics, medicines, clothing as well. The same money is reportedly being funneled for jihadi terrorism. However, we can definitely stop the growth of Halal economy if we unitedly oppose it. So opposing Halal is the duty of every Hindu, exhorted Hindu Janajagruti Samiti West Maharashtra, Konkan, Goa and Gujarat State Coordinator Mr. Manoj Khadaye. In response to this call, the Dharkaris of Shri Shivpratisthan Hindusthan vowed not to buy products with the ‘Halal seal’.

Shri Shivpratisthan Hindusthan’s Dharatirth Yatra campaign started on January 29th. This year’s campaign is from Shrikshetra Bhimashankar to Shivneri fort. Mr. Khadaye was addressing the Dharkaris at Shri Varsubai on 31st January. H.H. Sambhajirao Bhideguruji also addressed the Dharkaris on this occasion. 50 thousand Dharkaris participated in the programme.

The Dharatirth Yatra campaign to conclude at Shivneri fort on Feb 1st

The Dharatirtha Yatra of Shri Shivpratisthan Hindusthan i.e. the campaign for forts is something every Hindu must experience once! This campaign aims to awaken young blood to emulate Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj and Chhatrapati Sambhaji Maharaj.

The Dharatirth Yatra will conclude on February 1st at Shivneri fort. Dharkaris from all over the state and also from outside Maharashtra are participating in this campaign.

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