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OK = Olla Kalla or Oll Korrect

OK full form | what is the full form of OK ?

OK full form of History

In 1960, Allen Walker Read, a Columbia University etymologist, cleared the anomaly by
Tracing the time period OK to 19th-century Boston and sharing it with the journal American Speech.Throughout the 1838 summer time, editors at Boston newspapers turned affectionate about utilizing abbreviations.

Essentially, the editor of the part shortened "all correct" as if it had been spelled "old
correct" In different cities that are New York, and New Orléans ,Philadelphia, the acronym fad and the time period "OK" traveled to newspapers.

There is probably some genuineness to this one basic purpose for "OK" which is that it comes
from President Martin Van Bren's nickname, "Old Kinderhook," in line with Read's, in taking root.It helped during the time period, because Van Buran's nickname is not the supply of the abbreviation "OK,". In

In 1840, a membership began called OK Club by a group of Van Buran supporters, in all probability buying and selling on the popularity of the time period "OK." The time period is displayed all around the Van Buran marketing campaign, in Pamphlets, in newspapers, shouted at conventions. And as a consequence the proposition was that Martin Van Buran wasn't simply an Old Kinderhook, he was additionally OK.

And for that purpose, "OK" went from the pages of a Boston newspaper into the mouths of people

around the globe.

OK full form For example:

  • Person 1: Hi
  • Person 2: Hi
  • Person 1: How are you?
  • Person 2: OK
  • .
  • .
  • .
  • .
  • Chat goes on..
  • Person 1: I am going to market.
  • Person 2: ok
  • Chat end.

OK full form of Synonyms

  1. all right
  2. right
  3. right then
  4. right you are
  5. very well
  6. in order
  7. yes
  8. very good
  9. fine
  10. oke
  11. okey-dokey
  12. okey-doke
  13. roger
  14. righto
  15. righty-ho
  16. all right
  17. fine
  18. acceptable
  19. up to scratch
  20. agree to
  21. approve

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