Sunday, 15 September 2019

Strange that there are 5 reasons for increasing body weight

Strange that there are 5 reasons for increasing body weight

For every conscious person, increasing body weight is an undesirable thing. In many cases, adherence to the routine, however, increases the ozone of many so they are very worried. Experts have figured out some of the reasons. All of these factors can increase the body's ozone. Let's find out the strange causes of ozone growth.

1. Conflict between spouses or boyfriends
Some time ago, in a study, scientists discovered that a particular hormone is emitted when there is a feud between a spouse or a lover. It makes you feel more hungry. Researchers say the release of this hormone increases the body's ozone. Scientists are conducting the experiment on the pair.

2. causes to increase body weight which increases the body's ozone 2. If you accept iron -
And according to a new study, the iron that is contained in red meat increases human appetite. One study found that rats were fed high and low iron diets, and rats that had high levels of hormone intake had reduced leptin levels in their body and their appetite had increased. On the other hand, those who have eaten iron-rich foods, such as rats, have decreased leptin levels and have not increased their appetite. This indicates that people will eat more if hunger is felt and if they eat more then their body will increase.

3. Sometimes genes can cause the body's ozone to increase -
A recent study suggests that genetic factors can increase the body's ozone. Someday scientists will be able to find the genes in the body. However, psychology researcher Michael C. Parent said those who think that because their ozone is increased, their ozone increases. So it should not be focused.

4. Evolution can cause people to become obese or grow ozone-
According to a study by Obesity Research, obesity has increased much longer than before. 4 years ago, people would not be so fat. They were not inclined to be obese. The demand for obesity has increased a lot in this generation, due to which people of this generation are becoming more obese. He conducted a study on 8,000 people from 8 to 20 years and provided this report. Scientists think that this may be because of changes in human energy consumption and its use.

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